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Interview With The Primate.

By Adam James Cain                       31/01/2016


Today I had the honour and privilege of meeting The Primate aka Jason prime who I must say has

one of the finest beards (yes I said beards) in professional wrestling to date. He has appeared on

GFW tapings and had a WWE tryout in November 2015.

Jason, can I just get you to to introduce yourself to people that dont already know you?


My name is Jason Melrose, I am 31 years old from Newcastle and go by the name The Primate

aka Jason Prime, I got myself into wrestling just 16months ago, September 2014 I was living in

Carlisle and went to a training organisation ran by Target Wrestling, The tag team known by name

of The Nattrass took me under there wing and started training me.

The next week I was actually competing inside a ring, it was their version of The Royal Rumble, so I was excited could feel no fear as I've never feared for anything. Sadly I didn't win, however I felt like I showed who I was and within two months of being at the company I managed to win Trainee Championship, which was a great feeling.


What was your inspiration for getting into professional wrestling?


I had no real inspiration to get into wrestling if I'm quite honest, I just wanted

to wrestle. So I was coming into the scene completely blind, I had no idea

about British wrestling or even seen a wrestling match, however after I left

Target I went to NGW where I was taught by Rampage Brown, he taught me

how to wrestle properly, how the physcology in wrestling works and learning

the fine detail of the art and I remain great friends with Rampage.


What are your thoughts on how the north east talent is growing, especially

now that the likes of Neville is on the WWE main roster?


To current date I feel as if the north east wrestling ability is saturated,

also there is a lot of wrestling in the north east but it needs to be refined and

focus on making shows better and spotting talent, I feel as though the north

east scene is stuck in a bubble and secluded. Where as other organisations

within the wrestling environment are focusing on the above. My views on

Neville are very high, it's nice to see a north east talent in the WWE,

Neville progressed through the Japanese scene which demands high fitness

levels, I personally feel that he has got more talent to show us and the WWE

could use him alot more as for me he is a great talent to watch and a

excellent performer


I see your the BWE (British wrestling Entertainment) but for the people who don't know what it is can you tell us briefly please?


The company was originally called UKWE however changed its name because of a Yorkshire company having a similar name, this show is more of a family orientated show for kids to go and watch and still be home at a reasonable time. The company itself is only 1 year old and has already had names such as El Ligero and Liam Lazarus. They themselves sell tickets very well and in my opinion the company if they continue to do well and use the talent to the best of their ability I can see 2016 being a good year.


I see you have a scheduled match on 31st January to defend your BWE championship, any thoughts?


I was meant to be defending my title today (24th January) against Liam Lazarus however there has been back scene drama with venue dates and locations which now means the match has been rescheduled for 31st January to which this means El Ligero is free and wants his rematch. I welcome both of them challenging me for the BWE belt as I will never be beaten and will kick both their heads in. I will say Liam is determined however I will destroy him and my thoughts on El Ligero are I cannot understand a word he says as he should Areba all the time. I assure you this Adam I will retain on 31st January after I roar into action.


Can we see any more gold around your waist within the year 2016?


I would like to say yeah why the hell not but you never know what's round the corner, if people are enjoying my matches that's all I'm bothered about. I was especially happy on 23rd January I made my IPW debut which is massive for myself, I saw a fan from London saying how upset he couldn't come see me and that was such a boost to see, me a lad from Newcastle being recognised it's such an honour to know what I'm doing is being recognised. I have a fight with Nathan Cruz on the 20th February in Stoke and that's for the NGW belt and i am hungry for the gold but I know he is a very gifted wrestler so I'll have to up my game.

I remember cashing in to a worn out AJ Anderson who I respect highly, he won title and 1min 30 later I cashed in and took belt off him at a MEW taping, that was quite a highlight.


August 2015 Vince Russo was quoted saying "professional wrestling is officially dead and it will never be returning" what are your thoughts on this?


It's a HUGE STATEMENT to make, the reason for him

saying this is because the wrestling of the 90s and 00s

was such a hype because of the people watching, it was

an 18 rated show as you had nudity and and people

drank beer in the ring. I believe that Vince is still in that

generation and hasn't evolved like the rest of us as of yet.

I can certainly say this to you now, wrestling is not dead,

the British wrestling scene is not dead we now have more

promotions in the UK and more chances to be known.


February 6th we see you tag up with a good friend of

yours Alexander Henry under name of New Nation to

take on The British Empire which has Assasin and Prince

Ameen. What are your thoughts on this match?


I have a high amount of respect for them both, together

they have a 12 and 15 years wrestling experience, we have even made a new move set to go along with our Tag Team Name so it's an event I look forward to. They are both good in the ring but they don't have the Brains and Brawn in there team, we are without doubt the best tag team in the whole of the U.K. We aren't scared of anyone and we will be Tag Team Champs.


I would like to say a massive thank you Jason for being here today I know your a busy guy. Is there anything or anyone you would like to thank.


I just want to start off by saying a huge thanks to Rampage for all the guidance, tuition and most of all the crazy road trips we have had since I've come to the wrestling industry, AJ Anderson for teaching me that the wrestling world is not all about throwing people around the ring it's about being the best you can be, Alex Henry for helping me to have a great end of 2015 and really grateful for such a positive start to 2016 and of course all the guys and girls watching my career grow


You can find Jason Prime

Facebook: Jason Prime aka The Primate

Twitter @Thejasonprime

Jay Melrose The Primate Exposure Interview
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Interview With Richard Parliament.

Richard Parliament Exposure Wrestling

By Matt Clarkson                                                  28/11/2015    


Richard Parliament is the UKs only wrestling politician and is a big supporter of the European Union.


For the people out there who aren't aware of you, could you please describe yourself?

As Britain’s only wrestling politician I am regularly contacted for interviews and TV appearances, so I can’t imagine there would be many people that aren’t aware of my exploits huh-ha, huh-ha, huh-ha. Well, ANYWAY, for those few that live under a rock, or spend all their time on the dole cue, I am Richard Parliament, and I know what is best for Britain, what is best for its people, and most of all what is best for you.

You began your training in 2007 by Jon Ritchie (son of WOS star John Hall), who has trained many stars currently on the UK scene. How did you find the whole experience?

Well of course I excelled in all fields of my training in the MANY different places I frequented in order to learn the TRUE art behind the grappling game. I tend to find that just like politics, if you are hard working and are an upstanding yet honest individual in your business dealings, pays dividends. I have had the pleasure of introducing many an uncouth ruffian to the hard side of my fist, I am therefore grateful to my various trainers for the coaching, but the reality is that I took Greco/Roman wrestling classes during my time at university, proving myself as a top contender in not only physical competition but strategically as well.

Your gimmick is that of a politician, was that something you came up with yourself?

It’s not a “gimmick” as you call it, my party is registered and I have recently been contacted by Boris Johnson’s head of staff to run against Nigel Farage. Unfortunately, that bald lager lout Al Murray was chosen instead, as it was felt that he is “closer to the people” than a privately educated man, How preposterous!

Do you remember your first match at all and in hindsight, how do you think it went?

Well, my VERY first official bout was against my wrestling coach at Eaton, he tied me in knots and it is an experience I won’t soon forget, let me tell you. As a professional, my first contest was against a young gentleman called Steven Ritchie, I won and I am certain he walked away better off for the lashing he received as he quit wrestling, rethought his life and made it to the X-Factor Finals in 2014.

Recently, you were featured on TNA’s British Bootcamp 2, how did that opportunity arise and what was the whole experience like?

Well, clearly I was the best contender in the competition, taking my policies to the United States could of solved problems in any number of the countries debauched and corrupt institutions. But alas, I can only surmise that my many political supporters pulled strings to ensure that I was unfairly eliminated from the competition so I would be forced to stay in the UK and save a society that is failing so miserably. But to answer your original questions, I am not sure of the ins and outs; my office was contacted, so I attended the auditions and obviously stood out as a true thoroughbred.

Do you think programs like British Bootcamp are a good thing for the UK scene?

I am hugely in favour of anything that gets UK residents into work, and therefore stop them from being a drain on society. I should imagine the competition was brought to these shores because of the true political powerhouse that is Brussels. They are always coming up with new and imaginative ways to get the great unwashed off their slothenly backsides and into meaningful employment!

After all, finding a job isn’t that hard, my man servant “Bagdirt” found me my first gainful employment as a politician, so I can can’t for the life of me, understand why the poor can’t just get their servants to go out looking for a job for them also???? It really is a marvel how they manage to put one foot in front of the other.

You've had some dates in the US; do you think it's made you a better, wrestling the US style?

Well, I have found that any style of wrestling is largely based upon the mentality that the people in that particular country share, whilst I was in America I learnt that the people are physically bigger and therefore your ground work needs to be of top quality. They also tend to be much less educated, so trying to outthink your opponent is a much less daunting task. As I always say, a society’s success is based on its “Education, Education, Education”. Something that surprised me when I was there was that I went for a meal with the local lads and couldn’t understand why they had to go to a cheap restaurant, "everyone can go to a fine dining establishment and just claim it as expenses can’t they?"

Is there anyone coming up through the ranks or someone who isn't talked about we should be keeping an eye out for in your opinion?

I have had a lot of opponents recently that have made me stop and take note. The so called “Sexiest Man That Ever Lived” Rocco Casanova proved to be a much tougher opponent than I initially anticipated. I have noticed that the proverbial “Geezers” Sebastian & Tom Irvin seem to think that the sport of wrestling is something to be to be laughed at. It’s irritating to think that such immature and ridiculously juvenile reprobates can be allowed to compete in the UK. “Savvy” Sid Scala strikes me as reliable and honest individual; I may include him in my campaign team once my party grows. Charlie “Charleston” Allen is a young and hungry UK fighter, maybe once he learns how the real world works

he can find himself a measure of success. But let’s stop

joshing for a moment; your eyes should stay firmly

focussed on me! It’s not easy to do two jobs and be as

successful as I am, and that should tell you something.

What's the plan for the rest of the year?

Win votes, win championships, and be placed in your

rightful position as the first ever prime minister &

world wrestling champion. Wrestling success can only

raise my political profile; if people can see that I’m

prepared to be tough on my opponents they can see

that I’m prepared to be tough on those naughty

Whitehall scallywags.

Is there anything else you'd like to say, add or plug?

Well, “plugging” something is a rather vulgar American

term but I will say that if people “Vote For Parliament”,

their lives will become much easier. Let’s be honest here,

getting someone much smarter involved in the running of a society is not only logical but it is essential. Trusting me with the future of Britain and all its inhabitants is the ONLY way to ensure we stay in firmly nestled within Europe’s bountiful bosom.


Thanks to Richard Parliament for participating in this interview.

Richard Parliament Exposure Wrestling

By Chris Watts.                                             05/12/2015


As a near 15 year veteran of the business, how would you say things have changed from when you

started back in 2001 compared to now?


Lots of things changed! The style of wrestling for sure, the amount of wrestlers, way more female

wrestlers around than 10 years before. The attitude changed a lot, the upcoming talents have a lack

of respect and understanding for the business, the fans lack of respect and sometimes they think they

own a wrestler because of buying a 8x10. The whole social media thing came along (damn im old haha

when i was a kid there was no such thing as Internet) more and more wrestling is available, fans can watch wrestling 24/7 and can be picky, thats a great thing, so as an athlete you really need to train hard and come up with new stuff all the time, so as an athlete i feel challenged.


What was it like training in GWF (German Wrestling Federation) and how has the European style influenced your career?


Training at the GWF was tough, it was good preparation for my time in Japan. There was no excuse of being a female. I think that is the right way people should train. They didnt had a ring for training, that was not so good, but they made it up with a great team and the lessons of respect and discipline. If you want to become a wrestler in Germany, go to Berlin.

How does the European style influenced me? I always watched WCW Wrestling and was (still i am) a big fan of the american entertaining site of the sport, so i developed a strong character and use mainly power moves, but i am able to do all the typical european style basic wrestling holds, but im not a master just like Doug Williams or my all time favorite Anthony Gallengher. I love watching them and would love to train with them day and night!


You’ve wrestled everywhere from Germany, France, the UK, Japan and the USA. What would you say is your favourite place to work, and what would you say is maybe the most challenging?


A.Wow did i? Its everywhere i go a challenge, different ones, but yet i never take it easy! I always want to give the fans and the promoters the best for their money.

The quality of wrestling is so much better in Japan than anywhere else i was and i enjoyed it the most as i could show what i can actually do,

I have many friends from america, so its fun to face my friends in the ring and hang backstage when im in the USA. Europe its difficult. you have some really talented girls and some really green ones ( means they need to learn a lot)  and unfortunately lots of egomaniacs. It would be more fun in europe if the girls would work together instead of fighting each other outside of the ring. But thats just my opinion.


Clearly your character is that of a hard hitting, pacey ‘Alpha Female’ (as in the title!).

What were your initial thoughts for the character and how did you see your

character developing?


When i started wrestling i was just a generic skinny girl, i knew i needed to change

something to stand out. Coincidental my friends and i decided the name

"Alpha Female" and somehow the look started like you know today. First i wanted to

be just a tough mean big girl, but the fans really started to connect with the gimmick

and i got reactions like the Steve Austin Gimmick. He was clearly a heel, but got

cheered, that was the same with me, i still killed the girls in squash matches, but the

fans loved it. As the year passed, the critics said im just good at pulling faces, but

with my run in japan i proofed differently and now i also decided to show that

i have a different site. Not just mean and ugly, also strong and sexy.

My main goal is to be a good role model. I take challenges, overcome them

and try to inspire with my actions. That the Alpha Female


You’ve faced many notable opponents throughout the world, including Havok and

Hiroyo Matsumoto. Who would you say is your favourite opponent of all time?


I have a love hate relationship with Nanae Takahashi, she gave me hard battles, pushed me to my limits, injured me multiple times, but yet i have my best matches with her. I grew a lot the last few month just by facing her and im forever thankful for this.


You spent some time with TNA in 2013. What was it like translating yourself into the ‘episodic TV’ style of American Wrestling?


I love working for TV. Not just wrestling but entertainment overall. Live TV is difficult, only one chance to get it right, that is much exciting. I worked that kind of scripted Wrestling the first time, they told me which moves to use and positioning and everything, that was a new experience. I love learning every day and i wish i could work with Wrestling TV more often, maybe in the future. Stay tuned!


Needless to say that the one of the key places missing on your radar is the WWE. Did the call ever come from them, and is it something that the Alpha Female, you would consider?


I would love to work for WWE, but its not the right time i guess. Its simply that i´m not what they need/want. I will continue to work hard on myself, gain experience and be ready whenever that call me. But dont get me wrong, if this is never happening, it wouldn't be too bad, as i already had so much personal successes with this sport, i never could have imagined when i first stepped in the ring. Im happy with what i´ve got, i do not look day and night on my phone, hoping for the call, Im busy with my independent bookings, making Movies, Photoshoots and working on my TV project in germany. Im a busy lady!


The big buzz right now is how women are conquering almost every avenue of life, in particular sports with the likes of Ronda Rousey and the ‘Divas Revolution’. What are your thoughts on this and has it affected you on the wrestling road?


I think its great for every individual to have successes. Im not a feminist at

all, i coudnt bother less tbh. Its strange, i do not run around all day and

pointing out "i´m strong for a girl" or look at me" im a woman and i travel

the world" Its not important what gender a human being is, i think. Just be

nice, give your best and try to change the world for a better! Im awaiting

the day that it doesnt matter if a girl or boy hit the homerun! if you

understand what i mean!


In your opinion how is the wrestling scene in the UK and Europe at the

moment? What would you like to see maybe done different or how would

you improve the scene?


They should have more of the Alpha Female on the shows, that is for sure

haha Seriously, we have some great stuff going on here! The promotions

who are really good just like wxw germany, Rev Pro, Preston City Wrestling,

ICW in scotland and Southside wrestling pushing so hard right now to the

top and getting the recognition they deserve! Europe has brilliant wrestlers

and they getting their name out. Big thank you goes to TNA Impact

Wrestling who gave the Talents a stage on their European Tour or on that

British Bootcamp shows. Japan is treating the Talents really good, huge

stars just like Fin Balor ( Prince Devitt) who comes from Ireland was a big

star in NJPW came on top. We have great Athletes and the world will know!


When people say the name ‘The Alpha Female’, how would you most like

people to recognise you or relate to you?


I want that the people are inspired by the Alpha Female, i want them to

remind me, that i took chances, faced challenges and overcame them. and

even if i fail i tried and always had my head high. I have the #BEALPHA that

means to face fears, be humble, helpful, confident, treat people with respect. All these things i want to give them as an example and wish they follow. But really most of all i want them that they remember, that i  never cared what anybody was thinking about me, i was always going my way to personal happiness and i wish they do the same and find their way.


Thank you very much for your time reading my interview, feel free to contact me and see you down the road.

xx Alpha Female



Interview with The Alpha Female

Alpha Female Interview
Ampha Female Wrestling in Japan
Alpha Female Exposure Interview

Interview With Leva'Blue Pants' Bates.

By Matt Clarkson                                                        12/12/2015


For those not in the know, Leva Bates is better known as 'Blue Pants' in WWE/NXT

She is also a self confessed geek & co-presents a show on YouTube. I caught up with

Leva after her match with Pollyanna at CSF.


You're currently touring the UK with Exposure Entertainment,

what are you most looking forward to on your visit?

Everything to be honest! I’m really excited to wrestle a new bunch of people, I’ve wrestled in other countries but it’s generally the same circle as I would usually work with. It’s nice to branch out of my comfort zone and reach out to new audiences, venues and have my style mesh with other peoples, tonight I worked with Pollyanna and I loved working with her.

Of course I want to sightsee whilst I’m here, being on tour you get to see all the cool places to visit and wrestle in.

(I mention the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff) I haven’t as yet but maybe the quiz on Monday! As a geek it would be sacrilegious to not go to the Doctor Who Experience!


How did it feel to come out to a massive ovation at NXT Takeover Brooklyn?

Amazing! I mean, I was hoping I would get a good reaction but then actually hearing how loud it was and seeing a sea of people cheering for little ol’ me! Who am I, you know!? It gave me the warm fuzzys! It was the most amazing experience to be perfectly honest. I’ve never had a crowd that big cheer for me at all, at any of the various entertainment shows I do but that was something to mark off the bucket list! With the adrenaline, I felt like my heart swelled up three times its normal size! It’s an experience I’ll never forget.


What's your opinion on the much lauded Bayley vs Sasha Banks match?

It was amazing, they’re both amazing wrestlers and entertainers. Both so good, talented & have honed their craft outside sharpening their skills once they got into NXT.

They tore it down; they proved why they should’ve been the main event at the next Takeover. I was very happy to see that, as they’re helping push the women’s movement forward.


                                                                                                                     Saraya Knight is seen as the 'Queen Of British Wrestling would you

                                                                                                                     come back to lock up with Saraya?

                                                                                                                     I’ve actually wrestled her a few times in the States, I adore her! 

                                                                                                                     I mean, she’s scary haha! Especially in the ring, I’m like, here it


                                                                                                                     I’ve had the pleasure of working with her quite a few times, mostly 

                                                                                                                     in tag matches. I got really lucky with Regeneration X; I got to

                                                                                                                     wrestle the Knight Dynasty (Britani aka WWE’s Paige and Saraya), so

                                                                                                                     that was really awesome. That was just before she was signed.

                                                                                                                     I also got to work with Saraya at Shimmer with Rhia O’Reilly and

                                                                                                                     Shine with Su Yung. It’s always a pleasure to wrestle her, you’re

                                                                                                                     definitely in for a brawl when you get in the ring with Saraya, there’s

                                                                                                                     no holding back with her! She doesn’t want you to hold back! She

                                                                                                                     want you to give it to her full throttle, she loves that!

I love training with her, she does training sessions at some of the schools and she’ll teach the catch style wrestling (Catch As Catch Can history fans) and the British style of wrestling, which I’m a huge fan of. That’s why I’m here!

Me and her will sit there and talk about matches I should watch. She’ll also teach me a few things here and there.

It would be amazing to face her on her home turf, as I adore her as a person and respect her immensely as a performer


There are many skilled grapplers in the UK, is there anyone you would like to face?

Oh wow, there’s so many. I’d like to face Rhia on her home turf as I’ve wrestled her a few times in the States. I’d love to work with the Owen Twins at some point; I think they’re great. Kay Lee Ray has somehow eluded me in the States as we’re both good guys, so I guess that’s why, I’d just like to have a match with her, I think it’d be nuts, or as you guys say “mental”! And also Addy Starr, as she’s now one of you guys! We’ve wrestled on a few of the

same shows but not against one another. She inboxed

me and said “How are you coming to my country and

we’re not wrestling each other?”


Finally, what can the fans expect from you whilst you're

in the UK?

Chaos, fun, dancing and I don’t even know! It’s a grab bag

with me, you don’t know what you’re going to get! I’ve

some fun cosplays coming up. I want to have fun and

be entertained. I’ll give you some wrestling, I’m also going

to give you a story, I’m also going to give you ridiculousness

and that’s something you bank on! If the fans take the time

to come and see me and buy the merchandise, I’m definitely

going to give you extra attention. I like to give back as a fan

myself, I’ve been to cons and you wait in line and they don’t

take the time of day with you. I had an amazing experience

with Cary Elwes (Princess Bride and Saw star); I had my picture taken with him, I had a conversation with him and he said

“As you wish” and I nearly passed out!


Many thanks to Leva for taking the time to sit with me for this interview.

Blue Pants in WWE NXT
Leva Bates Wrestling
Leva Blue Pants Bates Exposure Interview

Interview With Steve Lynskey.

By Matt Evans                                        19/12/2015


I recently caught up with top UK Referee Steve Lynskey ahead of his involvement in

Exposure Wrestling Entertainment’s One Night Only: St Mary’s Street Massacre where

Steve (a man of many talents) served as ring announcer for the evening.


First things first, how did you become a referee?

I was a wrestler first and had my first professional match in 1991. As a wrestler, I had been wrestling for Max Crabtree (famous British Wrestling promotor and brother of the late Big Daddy) and his All Star Wrestling promotion. However, after breaking my leg in a match, I became a manager. In 1999, I was working for a promotion called the UWA and I was managing guys like Doug Williams, Johnny Storm, Drew McDonald and Mad Dog McPhie. I became a referee by chance on night. I was at an FWA show in Portsmouth and they needed a referee. Alex Shane (FWA wrestler and booker) asked me to referee and that’s when it started. This was around 2000/ 2001.

What is the best match you’ve refereed so far?

The list is endless, there’s so many great matches I was involved in. In FWA,

it was probably AJ Styles VS Johnny Storm at the York Hall, Bethnal Green.

I was also the referee for a classic between Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan)

and CM Punk in the UK, as well as for Pro Wrestling NOAH guys

(when Pro Wrestling NOAH were on a UK tour). One of my all-time favourite

matches to referee was AJ Styles VS Chris Daniels at the Coventry Skydome

(The Wrestling Channel’s International Showdown). This wasn’t an FWA show,

but was promoted by Alex Shane. But there’s been so many. I’ve refereed for

The Great Muta and for the Lucha Future promotion, in matches with the

legendary Blue Demon and more recently, Rey Mysterio VS Alberto Del Rio

in the UK (before Del Rio re-signed with WWE). Like I said, the list is endless.

I’ve refereed so many great matches in my career.

You Refereed For TNA during their Maximum Impact UK tour in 2014.

How was that?

Really good. I received the “Shock Treatment” (back-breaker) from Abyss on

my first night into the tour! But yeah, it was a really good experience working that tour. More recently, I’ve worked with Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling and took bumps from Magnus and have also taken bumps from John Morrison.

What’s the biggest misconceptions about being a referee?

People think it’s easy. I did 7 matches only the other night. It’s a tough and important job, a bad referee can ruin a match or a show. A referee has to be more alert than people think and be able to react in a crisis (for example, when thing’s go wrong, such as an in-ring injury).

What’s the most matches you’ve refereed on a show?

9 in one night- the whole show.

So there’s a lot more involved in being a referee than people think?

Some referee’s will referee but will also set up the ring and make preparations for the show. People just think a referee just gets in the ring and stands in the corner, but there’s more to it than that. These days, I’m also involved in other aspects of the business, for example, taking bookings for comic con, representing Rey Mysterio for Q and A’s, representing Del Rio for autograph appearances (again, prior to him re-signing with WWE). But it’s been great. It’s given me the chance to share the ring and platform with guys like Sting, Bret Hart, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Ted Dibiase. It’s been great.

Do you have any advice for someone who’s perhaps not looking to go down the wrestler route but is thinking of becoming a referee?

Go to a reputable wrestling school. Learn the basics first. I have a wrestling background and so know all aspects of the job.


Thank you to Steve for taking part in this interview.

Steve Lynskey referee in TNA with Abyss
Steve Lynskey Exposure Interview

Interview with Panda Cub.

Panda Cub Exposure Interview

By Matt Evans                            17/01/2016


I recently conducted an interview with top UK wrestler Panda Cub where he very kindly answered some

questions about breaking into the business, working the UK and European circuit, wrestling-related

injuries and more:


First thing’s first, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. My first questions is where does the

name “Panda Cub” come from?

The gimmick was given to me by my trainer Mike Bird before my first match to help me break out a little

bit and to work alongside with my tag partner Panda Mask.

What’s your opinion on the current Welsh and wider UK wrestling scene?

I think the UK wrestling scene has become so big and such a great thing to be involved with whether you're a wrestler or just a fan! So many opportunities and so many great wrestler's being produced because of that.

Is there anyone on the Welsh/ wider UK wrestling scene that you like to compete alongside or against and what would be the reason for this particular choice of partner or opponent?

If I had to choose my favourite opponent it would 100% be "Flash” Morgan Webster; such a nice guy, easy to work with and has some great ideas. He gave me one of my favourite matches so far back in 2015 at Pro Wrestling Chaos.

4) How did you get involved in professional wrestling and were you always a fan of it growing up?

I first got involved back in 2012 when I was 14. I've always wanted to be a wrestler so I decided to do something about it and find a training school and luckily I found Dragon Pro Wrestling Academy in my home town of Newport. I was always a fan growing up so to find an academy with such great training and a great bunch of guys and girls (everyone was so supportive and hardworking) I really couldn't have asked for anything more.

If someone was to come to a show and see you wrestle for the first time,

what could they expect to see from you?

If someone was to come watch me wrestle they'd definitely be seeing some

high-flying action and cheeky antics from everybody's favourite panda!

What’s the worst wrestling-related injury you’ve suffered in your career?

The worst injury was very recent and I'm still recovering from it now.

It was grade one damage to my MCL in my right knee or how I now refer to it as

my “bad knee” (laughs). I shouldn't really be able to say that at age 18 but injuries

happen and that's why you've got to be careful and never do anything that you're

unsure about.

Looking to the future, would you like to carry on plying your trade on the UK scene

or would you potentially be looking at somewhere further afield like the States?

I would love nothing more than to wrestle in America and all over Europe as I've

already wrestled in Belgium and it was such an enjoyable experience. The scene is

so good in the UK at the minute as long as I'm wrestling I'm happy but I'm always looking to spread my wings.

What advice would you give to anyone reading this who may be looking to get involved in the wrestling business, be it as an actual wrestler or maybe in another role?

I'm no expert but my advice would be come along to Dragon Pro Wrestling Academy, work hard and get yourself in the gym.

You were in attendance at St Mary’s Street Massacre, One Night Only back in November. This was Exposure Entertainment’s first wrestling show (as opposed to a wrestling Q&A). How did you think the show went?

The quality of the wrestling on the show was amazing, a lot of good wrestlers booked for that show and it was a pleasure watching the guys do their thing especially Jimmy Havoc and Mike Bird in the main event, it was such an exciting match!

Finally, how can wrestling fans follow you and your career?

Anyone hoping to follow my career and keep up to date where I'll be wrestling you can follow me on Twitter @realPandaCub. Thanks again to Panda Cub for this interview.

Panda Cub Moonsault on Jimmy Havoc
Juventud Guerrera Exposure Interview

By Matt Clarkson                                                                          24/01/2016


We recently caught up with The Juice Juventud Guerrera at St Mary Street Massacre where he and his

tag partner defeated The Hunter Brothers, heres the interview with the Lucha Legend


You gained recognition early on in your career in AAA, what was it like at that time with talents such

as Rey Mysterio Jr?

We both worked really hard to get where we were, it was through a lot of hard work we made it.

We had to smash through that glass ceiling to make it.


A few years later you were bought into ECW by Paul Heyman along with other lucha stars such as Psicosis, Konnan, La Parka and Rey Mysterio Jr. How did you find the experience of wrestling in ECW as opposed to AAA or Promo Azteca?

It was really good, I was really proud to be a part of it, from the locker to the ring, it was a great experience. The fans showed the sport real respect.

It was fun to be around all the talent and to be accepted after a short time in the business, made it even better.


ECW is now thought of revolutionary, what was it like at the time?

It was amazing; it still stands the test of time. The hardcore aspect, the Lucha matches; these were things ECW did that other promotions weren’t and I’m proud to have been part of it.


WCW was a promotion where many fans first saw you,

you faced many opponents including the likes of

Billy Kidman, Ultimo Dragon, Chris Jericho,

Jushin 'Thunder' Liger and many more. Did you enjoy

your time in WCW?

My time in WCW was very enjoyable; at that point I was

starting to become well known and made connections

with the fans on the biggest platform I had at the time.


After your release from WCW, you wrestled for

promotions such as XPW, AAA, CMLL, FWA, NOAH and

TNA. Did you enjoy your experiences wrestling for these

other companies?

I’ve enjoyed my time in all of them, each has their own

take on wrestling; whether it’s in the US,Mexico or Japan.

They all hold special memories for me.


In 2005, you signed with WWE. Your TV debut was as a member of The Mexicools (alongside Super Crazy & Psicosis). What were your thoughts on that gimmick?

I liked it, I actually came up with the name; they asked me and that’s what came to mind!


After your time with WWE, you returned to AAA. During that time you formed a new stable called 'Mexican Powers', was that something you wanted to do or did you want to get away from stables?

I enjoyed being part of Mexican Powers, we were performing at a high level and trying different things and that’s why I think we got over.


In 2009, you once again left AAA due to a backstage incident. You've wrestled for many indys; including Nu-Wrestling Evolution, Dragon Gate, XIW and more. Are there any matches during this time that stand out?

During this time I got to work with the likes of Psicosis and Teddy Hart in AAA and became Cruiserweight Champion again!


Since 2012, you've once again resigned with AAA, alongside taking indy bookings around the world. What is it that brings you back to AAA time and time again?

The fans appreciate my work from WCW, WWE, TNA and to a lesser extent; AAA. The fans appreciate that I’m still performing and I can still push it to the limit!

The way I see it is that I’m constantly gaining experience, which is never a bad thing.


You wrestled for Exposure on the St Mary Street Massacre card last year, how did you find that experience?

I really enjoyed working for Exposure, we had a great match and I’d love to do it again.


Over the last year, you've wrestled in the UK for promotions such as PCW, 4FW, Kamikaze Pro & PWP. What is it about the UK that's such a draw?

The Fans, I’d like to thank all the UK fans and promoters for having me and enjoying my work! I’m definitely coming back.


Is there anything else you'd like to say add or plug? 


I’d like to return to WWE at some point, I know it’s a big challenge but it’s something I’m aiming for.

Juventud Guerrera in Wales

Interviewing the Juice, Juventud Guerrera.

Interview With Tennessee Honey.

By Matt Evans                                                  07/02/2016


What was it like training in the IPW Wrestling & Fitness Academy and then getting your break

with IPW Wrestling?


I still actively train at the academy, but it's a really great thought to look back to when I first started

to where I am now. How all the hours of training got me on to the academy shows, to the main

shows and now being the IPW:UK Women's Champion! It's been a great experience!


What are your memories of your feud with Rita O’Reilly?


My feud with Rita was awhile back but I remember her being a hell of a hard hitter and not being easy on me by no means. Since then I've had time to improve a lot, so it would be great to have a match with her I future to see how I fair now.


Who or what gave you the inspiration for the “Tennessee Honey” character?


It actually came about in a training session

at the IPW:UK training academy.

We run through a lot of drills, promos and

character work, and one session we were

asked to come up with a character and cut

a promo on a given opponent.

A few days prior to the session I had just

watched Toy Story 2 and the cowgirl Jessie

really stood out to me with her excitability

and passion, so I thought I'd give it ago.

It got a good response and carried on from



You’re the current IPW UK Women’s

Champion (having defeated Addy Starr in

December of last year). Do you take a lot of

pride in holding and defending that title

and representing both IPW and women’s

wrestling in the UK?


I definitely take a lot of pride in holding the IPW:UK Women's Championship, but I also feel a lot pressure with  it too. As it's a newly introduced championship and I'm the first to hold it, I definitely feel a target on my back. That being said, the U.K. scene for women's wrestling right now is so strong and only getting better and I welcome all challengers.


What are your thoughts on working with Saraya Knight, Is she as tough in the ring and as straight-talking out of it as people say?


Saraya is the toughest and most intimidating women I've been in the ring with. I've only been in a tag match against her, so I feel it would be a completely different experience to be in a single match with her. Definitely open to

having a match with her in the future!


Can you give some thoughts on the upcoming “St Valentine’s Day Massacre” show presented by Exposure Wrestling Entertainment, particularly your match with Nadia Sapphire?


I'm really excited for it! There seems to be a lot of great talent on the show, so it should be great night for all. It will also be the first time I've been to Wales, so I look forward to seeing what it's like! As for Nadia, I've seen a few of her matches so I know that it's going to be a challenge, but it will also be interesting to see how our personalities clash!


Finally, what from an in-ring and character standpoint do you have in store for the audience on Sunday?


They can expect a lot of fire, heart and energy from this cowgirl!


Thank you Tennessee Honey for taking time out for this interview.


My pleasure! Can't wait for the show and to see all of the fans!

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