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Exposure Wrestling Superstar Spotlight Casey Wild

Hello wrestling fans Steve Jones here, Exposure management has asked me to take the time to sit down and talk to the superstars of Exposure Wrestling. So, every month I’m going to present the Exposure Superstar of the month, talking with the guys and girls of Exposure Wrestling asking them about their careers so far and what led to them becoming who they are now.

First up is a guy who has proven himself immensely popular, he debuted for the company back last year at Luchamania and has not missed a show yet. He is the Resident Raver of Exposure, the Neon Knight, the Wild One, Casey Wild!

Casey: Hey Bro, didn’t realise I had so many nicknames

Steve: You definitely have made a name for yourself during the last year, what does it mean to you, to be able to wrestle in front of your fans?

Casey: Its awesome man, every time i burst through that curtain, I can’t believe I get to do this. It’s definitely a dream come true.

Steve: So, what made Casey Wild want to become a wrestler, where did the dream start?

Casey: Well, when I was a kid. I used to watch these larger than life characters wrestle. I thought these guys were so cool, and I thought wrestling was the coolest thing in the world. I always knew even back in those days it was something I wanted to do.

Steve: Out of these larger than life characters, which one do you think has been the biggest influence on Casey Wild?

Casey: I think The Ultimate Warrior has probably been Casey Wild’s biggest influence, you only gotta look at my ring gear, and the energy in my entrance to see the influence. Ultimate Warrior had a thing for bright colours and tassels and it’s something that I have incorporated into the persona of The Wild One.

Steve: Yeah, I suppose it is quite easy to see the influence of The Warrior, but in the ring, he was a Power House. Your smaller stature doesn’t enable you to use the same in ring style, so who do you think influenced your in-ring style?

Casey: I try to incorporate a lot of different styles into my move set. I use the sling blade which was obviously made famous by current WWE stars Finn Balor and Seth Rollins, but for the majority of my moves, my biggest influence has to be Eddie Guerrero. The Wild Ride is a version of his Three Amigos Suplex, but mine ends with a Falcon Arrow instead of a third vertical Suplex. I’ve also used the Frog Splash on a few occasions. I think I’ve taken a lot of influence from Latino Heat because he is one of the greatest of all time and was a guy who knew how to have fun, but be all business inside the ropes. Kind of like me.

Steve: So we’ve worked out what made you want to be a wrestler, but how did you become a wrestler, how did the dream become a reality?

Casey: Well I’ve always been sporty, spent most my life playing football, so I had a good fitness basis for it. Then I started training with Andrew James at the Knockout Pro Wrestling Academy in Blackwood, a great old school academy. I put in a lot, and I mean a lot, of hours into training.

Steve: It’s common for wrestlers to come into wrestling after different sports, but they say the training is completely different to anything else, do you agree with that?

Casey: Definitely, you can’t explain the toll wrestling takes on the body. It hurts like hell.

Steve: You said earlier about putting the hours in, how many hours did wrestling training take up of your life?

Casey: Honestly most of it. I’d do cardio in the morning, weightlifting in the afternoon, and 2/3 hours of wrestling training in the nights. I’d do that 5/6 days a week. Every second was hard work and my body ached, but it was worth it, and it got me to where I am today.

Steve: Trainee wrestlers also attend seminars, these are training sessions led by the more successful names in the business, who have you trained with, and who do you think was the most beneficial to you?

Casey: Bro, every seminar with an experienced wrestler is an invaluable experience. I’ve had the very good fortune to spend time in the ring and in the dressing room with some great wrestlers. I’ve been to seminars with former TNA and WWE stars Angelina Love and Rene Dupree. Whilst I’ve shared a locker room with guys like NXT UK star, Tyson T-Bone, Bram and the Hall of Fame 2019 inductee, Bad Ass Billy Gunn. Just sitting there and being able to pick these guys brains, brings a whole new level to your game. Every bit of advice helps you and stays with you.

Steve: What’s the best bit of advice you’ve received?

Casey: The best bit of advice came from Rene Dupree, who told me to “check your ego at the door and always keep learning and evolving”.

Steve: What was your first match after your training, and do you remember it?

Casey: Well my first match was in a rumble spot, I was so nervous and got thrown out pretty quickly. But my first competitive singles match was against Mark Daniels of High & Mighty, he got the victory over me that day, and anyone who knows me and Mark, will know we have history.

Steve: Yeah last year Casey Wild didn’t seem to be able to go five minutes without getting beaten on by one of the guys from High & Mighty, but during your short career you’ve faced a whole range of opponents. Who’s been your favourite opponent so far?

Frog Splash at Exposure Wrestling Coyote Nitro
Casey Wild Vs Elliot Jordan

Casey: Yeah absolutely, I’ve been lucky to hang in there with a lot of talented guys. But strangely enough I think my favourite opponents have to be High and Mighty, ever since I’ve debuted whether in a single or a tag, we’ve been kicking each other’s asses up and down south wales. As much as I don’t like them, I have to respect them, I’m a better wrestler after every match with those two.

Steve: So, we’ve spoke about favourite opponent, but what has been your favourite match so far?

Casey: Casey Wild and 2K vs Jay J Roberts and LD James, 2K Wild vs TKO. The crowd was electric from start to finish, although I lost the match and almost lost my head in the process, it was absolutely amazing.

Steve: What about your favourite moment in wrestling so far?

Casey: Favourite moment was winning my first championship, The Knockout Pro Wrestling trainee championship. You feel like you’ve hit a milestone in your career and there is no better feeling than hitting a goal like that.

Steve: Okay so we’ve spoke about the past within your career let’s talk about your present and the future. Last Sunday at Merthyr, you took on the Bearded Behemoth Bully Jay. Sadly, you were not the winner of that contest. But you made an impact when you attacked him following the match. What was that all about?

Three Amigos performed at Exposure Wrestling Coyote Nitro
Casey Wild Vs Elliot Jordan

Casey: Frustration, pure frustration. Bully Jay is a coward, attacking people from behind, mocking my friend Mickey Boom’s injury whilst he was on commentary. I knew he was faking that injury and I was not gonna let him trick me that way, but he tricked the referee. Next thing I know I’m kicked in the nether regions and seeing stars after a vicious clothesline. The match had been amazing, a physical contest between the two of us that thrilled the fans, and he went and ruined it with a cheap finish, why? Because he is scared of the New Casey Wild. I couldn’t take it anymore, and if security hadn’t pulled me off him, I don’t know if I would ever have stopped hitting him.

Steve: You say the New Casey Wild, exactly what is the New Casey Wild?

Casey: The New Casey Wild, is a mind-set, last year I was all about having fun, win or lose it didn’t matter as long as I was entertaining. If someone sneak attacked me, that was their problem, I got over it quickly. But this year, 2019. This is the year of The Wild One, I am taking my spot upon the top of the Exposure pile, and if Big Bully Jay wants to stand in my way, I will absolutely love to knock him down to size. Casey Wild has more of an edge to him now, the fans are important to me, but now so is winning, I will be the King, I will be the best Exposure has to offer. I’m gonna Rave my opponents to the Grave. As for my fans, strap in it’s gonna be a Wild Ride!

Steve: Well, I think we can all safely say we believe in you after that passionate speech and we wish you luck in what the future brings.

Casey: Thanks Bro

Steve: No, thank you for taking the time to talk to me today.

Casey: No problem, anytime.

So that’s the first Wrestling star Exposed. Please join us next month.

Signing off

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