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Exposure Wrestling Valkyries.

The Women of Exposure Wrestling

Building a New Division.

Women are an integral part of society and at Exposure Wrestling we think everyone deserves a hero, we have been in contact with some of the best female wrestlers the world has to offer and have started a tournament that we hope with your support will blossom, the intention is to give the Valkyrie division a platform where they can put on amazing matches and be heroes to all the girls of the world.

The Peoples Princess, Nadia Sapphire.


Coming from Cardiff Wales Nadia is one of a kind, shes very vocal and loves to get her own way

curently undefeated in Exposure Wrestling.

Tennessee Honey.


The sweet darling Honey can move and grapple with the best of them, a happy go lucky cowgirl with a taste for victory.

The Alpha Female.


We could'nt have a tournament without taking the best and when this dominant force reached out we couldnt have been happier, Alpha wants to win.

The Voodoo Queen.


This Valkyrie has made it clear to us that she doesnt just want the gold but she wants to curse the whole division and take each opponents soul.

Violet Vendetta.


Not one to be messed with, this lass is vintage violence and has her sights set on winning anything n everything.

The Amazon, Ayesha Ray.


Ayesha is not only a monster in the ring but also a body builder outside, she no stranger to sorting things out with brute force and power.

Miss Roxxy.


Roxxy is a northern girl that likes to fight, her rock'n'roll attitude means she cares very little for her opponents and will try anything to win.



Tall blonde and brash is Chardonnay, returning from some time away and looking to add some more bling to her jewels .

Lizzy Styles.


Lizzy has battled up and down the country and says that she wants to win, she wants to beat everyone that opposes her getting to the top.

Jamie Hayter.


Hard Knocks & Body Shots, there isnt a better way to describe Jamie, cappable of throwing down with the best her opposition is in for fight.

Xia Brookside.


Growing up and being part of wrestling family isn't easy, you have to proove your every bit as good and equally as hungry, Xia is out for gold.

Kat Von Kaige.


Kat is the second of our welsh home grown talent and  is no stranger to giving a beatdown, slaying dragons is a past time and V is for victory.

Nina Samuels.


Nina made her debut at Luchamania and has vowed to return and capture the Valkyrie Title by any means necessary, if that means getting a little lucha loco then so be it.

Bobbi Tyler.


Bobbi is young bright and a very popular up and coming Valkyrie getting a great reputation all over the south of England, she promises to keep the reputation growing in Wales too.

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